Open Ed Resources

Check out these classroom supplements!

CK-12 - geared toward grades 6-12, this is a site that allows an educator to create their own textbook or just use the wealth of resources as needed.

MIT Blossoms- Math and Science video lessons designed for the high school classroom.

Curriki- a wealth of classroom resources from many different subject areas.

UH Digital History- This site includes curriculum relevant material for United States History from the First Americans to the 21st Century.

Federal Registry for Educational Excellence (although not a textbook replacement, this site is a true registry of thousands of digital resources broken down by subject and grade level).

National Geographic: A great resource for ALL subjects, not just Science and Geography.  Includes ideas, activities, interactive lessons and more.  Filter by grade level.

Common Sense Media: A resource that provides information and lessons that aid in the instruction of digital citizenship and digital literacy.

Graphite: A site dedicated to helping you find the right tools and sites for your curriculum.  Includes reviews and ratings as well as top picks by category/subject/grade level.  I would say this is a must have resource for teachers (this is a feature within Common Sense Media).

Digitalbytes- Teach digital citizenship to your students through their own ACTIVE participation in the process (another feature sponsored by Common Sense Media).  A resource to teach teachers Web 2.0 strategies in 5 minutes of video or less.  Many categories to choose from.

Teaching Channel: A site dedicated to educational videos that highlight teachers and their innovative and effective teaching methods. The site is organized by subject matter.

NRICH: A site dedicated to mathematical critical thinking skills.  All levels of math problems are available.  The math problems on this site will definitely get your kids thinking.

Open Ed: A catalog of free educational resources for K-12 including videos, games, assessments, and more.  Teachers can create their own "course" and store favorite resources to share with students.

Pixabay- an abundance of public domain images to be used without worrying about copyright infringement.

ReadWorks- site designed to improve students' reading comprehension

EdShelf- A site to help you search/discover educational tools for your classroom.

Edcite- create your own online content and share it with your classes.

DogoNews - Created by National Geographic, one of this site's great features is the News tab.  Students (K-8) can read news articles and then answer comprehension and extension questions dealing with the article.

Brainden- This is a fun site full of puzzles: paradoxes, logic puzzles, riddles, and more.