Useful Drive Apps and Add-Ons

Chrome Web Store: There are several apps/extensions that will integrate directly with your Drive and are very useful in the classroom-  for both teacher and student.  You can find all of these apps/extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

TechSmith Snagit (App and extension).  This is a screen capture and screen share app.  Files and videos are saved in a folder in your Drive and can easily be shared in the same way any other Drive file is shared.  Videos can also be uploaded to YouTube with just a click.  In my opinon, EVERY TEACHER SHOULD HAVE THIS APP AND EXTENSION as a go-to resource.

Screencastify.  This is another screen sharing tool, but it also has video recording capability.  This works with Chromebooks and can be an easy tool for student use.  Finished videos can be uploaded to YouTube.  One downside . . . video can be quite "laggy", but the audio portion is nice.

VideoNotes. This tool allows you to embed a YouTube video and then take notes on the video.  The notes are time stamped so the student (or teacher) can click on any time stamp and return directly to that portion of the video.

WeVideo.  This is a video editor that is fairly simple to use, especially in the "storyboard" mode.

Google Classroom.  This is Google's content management system.  It is free for GAFE districts.  It's great for pushing out and receiving content from students but is somewhat limited when compared to Blogger (specifically, the inability to embed anything).  However, if you're looking for a simple interface for content management this tool is excellent.  Also, Google is great about listening to feedback and is continually updating and improving this tool.

LucidChart.  This is a collaborative diagramming tool that has the ability to create all sorts of diagrams.  Great for mind mapping.

LucidPress. This is a collaborative tool that allows the user to create really nice magazine style presentations.

Google Drive Add-Ons.  Add- ons are third party scripts that can really enhance performance of your documents, sheets, presentations, etc.   You can find add- ons from within your document.  On the menu bar click "Add-Ons" and then "Get Add-Ons"; explore them for yourself.  Here is a list of some of my favorites:  

EasyBib- allows for the user to build a bibliography from right within the document

Flubaroo- simplified quiz grader.  Works with T/F or MC type quizzes that have been created through a Google Form.

SuperQuiz- This is Flubaroo on steroids.  User has the ability to view extensive reports and individualize the information contained within the reports.  You have to experience it to believe it.  Oh, yeah . . . and did I mention "self-grading"?

Mindmeister- This add-on will take a bulleted list from a document and then create a mind map from it.  I could see its usefulness for essay building or project ideas.

Kaizena mini- Leave voice comments on your students' documents with this lovely add-on.  It ties into the main site,, but with the add-on you can add your comments and resources without having to toggle back and forth from the main website.

OpenClipArt- access Clipart images directly from your document.  Simple drag and drop feature.

Clipboard- The purpose of this add-on is to "save", if you will, comments or links that you are constantly having to type onto a student's paper.  You can build your clipboard and it will be accessible as you open any document.

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