Friday, September 27, 2013

App Of The Week: Blabberize!

This week's app spotlight is on Blabberize.  Blabberize is a free, fun, and simple tool that allows the user to bring an image to life.  It's similar to Voki in that it uses voice capture to make its magic; but, rather than using an avatar to accompany the sound, Blabberize uses your photos.   So . . . take a snapshot, attach a mouth and bring your image to life.  In the example I've included I created a Google Drawing and saved it as a jpeg so it could be used as my picture.  However, using animal or human photos really makes it more fun.  Fyi . . . be patient as the app is saving your work.  Saving can take a few minutes or more depending on the length of your recording.

Some Ideas For Use In The Classroom:
  • Announce an upcoming event for your classroom or school 
  • Put a voice to a famous person's speech
  • Create a short unit review
  • Explain a concept
  • Describe a character in a story
  • Practice reading fluency
  • Book reports/summaries

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