Friday, November 22, 2013

Spotlight Of The Week: Blendspace

I have recently looked into a web tool called Blendspace (formerly EdCanvas, I believe).  Blendspace is a free tool that allows multiple digital resources to be housed in one place.  Once created and shared, it becomes a sort of poster board which makes for easy navigation by the viewer.  It's intriguing to me because I see a lot of potential uses in the classroom for both students and teachers.

From a teacher's standpoint:
  • compile an entire unit's worth of work
  •  set up a unit review 
  • break down a difficult multi-step concept into several mini lessons 
  • provide differentiation in learning
Possible uses for the student:
  • create a digital portfolio that highlights his or her best work
  • create an in-depth project
  • explain a concept
Of course, these are just a few ideas but enough came to my mind that I felt it would be a good digital tool to share.  Below, I've embedded a very simple example of a blendspace I created.  Please keep in mind it is just an example and I would not want anyone to use it as a valid lesson!!!!  To view it in slide show mode press play (upper left hand corner of the window).

Here is a short tutorial that shows the steps I took to create the "lesson" above.  I hope you find Blendspace to be a useful tool in your classroom!

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