Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chrome Tip: TechSmith Snagit

Many of you have probably used a web clipping tool like Snagit or Snipit.  These tools are designed to let you capture a portion of your screen and then share it with others.  Until recently, tools like these have been difficult to come by with our Chrome Books.   Recently though, Snagit has been adapted for Chrome Book use.  Both the app and extension can be accessed and then installed from the Chrome Web Store.  Search "TechSmith Snagit" and once installed, it will integrate directly into your Google Drive in a folder titled "TechSmith".  The extension will run in the upper right hand corner of your drive, so whenever you need to snag something it's just one click away.  I have already used it numerous times, myself, and find it to be an invaluable tool.   Most recently I've used it for a small project in which I needed a fast, simple way to crop pictures.  Because of its integration with my Drive I can access my pics, use Snagit to capture just what I want from each photo, and then access those edited pics at a later time.   Here is a short tutorial for you.

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