Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spotlight on: Graphite

Are you having difficulty sifting through and deciding upon the best educational apps and sites for your classroom?  If so, then Graphite should be your go-to website.  This free site organizes and rates the multitude of digital tools that are available to you as an educator.  Filtering options are available, too.  So, for example, if you know you only want to look for 2nd grade free math games you can search in that way.  Or, maybe you are having difficulty teaching a specific concept within your curriculum.  No worries.  Graphite allows you to search for sites, games, and apps according to specific standards within your curriculum.   What really sells the site in my opinion, though, is the ability to create boards and view other educators' boards.  Along the same lines as Pinterest, the board feature allows the user to save favorite apps/sites in one place . . . I'll let the site speak for itself, but don't pass this one up.

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