Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday, August 30: Meograph (App Of The Week)

This week's spotlight app is Meograph.  Meograph is a free app that allows its users to create informative presentations or "stories" in a simple, easy to use format.  Its features are abundant: it allows for images, videos, voice recordings and text uploads.  The best feature of Meograph, though, is its built in Google Maps feature.  Selecting this option takes your presentation to a whole new level because the map will change as your story proceeds.  The map feature does not have to be used, so if you choose not to use it then it will simply not show in your presentation.  This app works well with Chrome Books and really is a simple tool to use, so the amount of "teaching the technology" is minimal.  The only real downside to the app is that each phase of the story can only hold one image or video.  In other words multiple pictures will not show on the same screen.

I can envision uses for this app in every academic setting:

  • Social Studies: show the chronology of a particular event or era; plot an explorer's conquests
  • Language Arts: create a biography; summarize a novel
  • Math: explain a mathematical concept
  • Science: detail the migratory patterns of animals
Check out my example below then try one yourself.

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