Monday, October 21, 2013

Tip Of The Week: Let your smart phone take the place of scanning

Tired of the long, drawn out process required of scanning documents?  You know, go to the copy machine . . . hope it's working . . . click a bunch of buttons to decide where the scanned document should be sent . . . hope nobody sends a job to the copier while you are still typing in your information to complete the scanning process. . . go back to your  room and hope you can find the scanned doc in your network folder . . .  Why not use your smart phone instead?  If I'm in a hurry, and I need a file to be posted to my blog ASAP I use my iPhone.   Here is a list of the exact procedure I use:

  1. Using phone, take a pic of the desired document
  2. From the phone, email myself the pic (I choose "actual size" but you can go smaller if you desire).
  3. Open the email (NOT the attached image) when it sends to my account
  4. Rt. Click on the attached file (I DO NOT open the picture first!) and click "Save As".
  5. Name the file and save to "My Pictures".
  6. If the pic is showing up sideways in "My Pictures", rt. click on the image and choose "Rotate Clockwise".
At this point the image is ready to be inserted to your blog post:
  1. Place your cursor where you would like the pic to be uploaded
  2. From the blogger toolbar click the image icon (next to "Link")
  3. Click "Upload File" and choose the desired image
  4. Click the blue "Add Selected" tab
Now the image should appear in your post.  Click on the image and you now have several options such as:
  1. Position your image (left, center, right)
  2. Size your image (small, medium, large, x-large)
  3. Add a caption
Once the image is posted to your blog, viewers can click on the image to enlarge it if need be.  Uploading images rather than scanning has proven to be a great time saver for me on many occasions.   Hope you find it to be useful, too.

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