Friday, October 25, 2013

This Week"s Spotlight: Common Sense Media

With the shift to digital learning and all the social networking sites available to students today, it is our duty as educators to teach students about the importance of digital citizenship and digital literacy.  Too many times I hear horror stories about a responsible student getting caught up in an irresponsible action that is usually tied to some social network and then displayed for the world to see . . . or hear . . . or read.  Social networks are easily accessible for students and have become a large part of their personal lives.  Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and SnapChat are free, easily accessible, and take little time to "master".  Use of these networking sites can be great fun, but they can also lead to terrible repercussions if students don't understand the potential risks involved each time they access these sites.  Common Sense Media is a great resource for educators (and parents) to teach students about their "digital footprints".  The site has ready-made lessons for all grade levels.  Check it out and help our students to behave responsibly and safely when on the internet.

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