Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tip Of The Week: Printing Google Forms

Over the past summer, Google Forms were updated so that they can now be printed in a format that provides ample space for the user to fill in his or her responses. This feature could be a huge benefit if you use forms in your classroom, and you have a student(s) who tends to work a little slower than others or a student(s) who just prefers to complete work on a hard copy .  The fact that a user cannot save responses to an uncompleted form could cause students to rush through their work.  With the built in print option, though, students who tend to work a little slower than others can relax, knowing that their work will not be lost .  (To print: while in the edit mode of your form, click on the printer icon on the tool bar).  It's probably important to note that the live version of an uncompleted  form CAN be printed by right clicking on the live form and choosing print.  The downside to this choice, however, is this printed version will not contain the fillable format.  So, as an example,  if your original form has drop down menus the students will not be able to see every choice within the drop down menu.  To make things clearer I have provided three example images below: (a) a digital version of a form; (b) a printed version with the new fillable format; and (c) an uncompleted form that was printed with a right click.  *** Be aware that the print feature is only available with the new forms!

(a) Digital Version 

(b) Printed Version Format (notice the "choose from a list" and "paragraph"sections)

(c) Example of an uncompleted form that is printed w/ a right click (notice the differences: can't see all choices in the drop down menu; no lines within the paragraph box.

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