Monday, September 9, 2013

Tech Tip Of The Week: Options For Inserting Images in Google Docs

Google provides many options for searching/ inserting  images into a document and most of us probably use the drag and drop option, or we copy/paste the image.  Did you know, though, that Google has three image SOURCES built into its Search tab to make your searches quicker and more convenient (found when you click on the insert/image menu)?  These sources include Google, Life, and Stock Images.   I can think of several benefits in using the Search option when your students are working on an assignment that would require them to include images:

  1. Students don't have to open a new tab to search the internet for images.
  2. Images don't have to be downloaded to the Chrome Book file shelf.
  3. Google creates a live link for selected images so the student can access the image's site with just a click.
  4. The Google source provides drop down menus so that search specifications can be more fine-tuned.
  5. Selected images are automatically applied to the document in use.
  6. There are an abundance of images from which to choose.
Watch the tutorial below to learn more about the Search option when inserting images.

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