Friday, September 13, 2013

App Of The Week: Educreations

The App Of The Week spotlight is on  Its uses in the classroom are (1) To search and view instructional videos created by other educators; and (2) To create your own instructional videos.

  1. View/Search: Maybe you aren't quite ready to create your own videos.  Instead, you may just be interested in searching for videos regarding a specific concept.  With educreations the user can search videos by subject matter and then view them, share them or even embed them in a blog or website. Educreations works on the Chromebooks for viewing purposes, so your students should have no problems watching  the videos.  
  2. Create: Essentially, educreations is a free, interactive whiteboard app that allows you to create your own instructional videos in an easy, yet professional manner.   So, if you are interested in flipping your classroom and need a simple tool to help you with video creation this would be a good place to begin.  Keep in mind that it is an iPad app, so if your goal is to create videos you will need an iPad to complete the process.  
Educreations is definitely worth a look and is super user friendly!

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